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Bidders and proposers must comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A. 10:5-31, et seq. and N.J.A.C. 17:27

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Voluntary Co-Ops

  Provide Repairs and Installations of Vehicle Lighting and Sirens
  Provide and Install Vehicle and Equipment Graphics
  One 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ or equal with Split Row Seats
  One 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ or equal with 2nd row bucket seating
  Provide a Heavy Duty Equipment and Operator Program
  Auto and Light Duty Truck Parts for Fleet Vehicles
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Awarded Contracts

  RFP #  14-177 - $ 48,500.00 for Videotaping Consultant for BOCF Meeting on 12/19/2014
  RFP #  14-216 - $ 50,000.00 for Photographer for County Executive Office on 12/19/2014
  RFP #  14-191 - $ 142,250.00 for Cost Reporting and Reimbursement Consulting Services on 12/19/2014
  RFP #  14-176 - $ 50,000.00 for Recording and Transcription Consultant for BOCF Meeting on 12/19/2014
  Competitive Contract #  14-186 - $ 4,919,553.00 for Medical Services at Juvenile Detention Center on 12/19/2014
  Bid #  14-153 - $ 39,300.00 for Furnish, Deliver and Configure Access Control System on 12/19/2014
  RFP #  14-183 - $ 74,090.00 for Engineering Design Service for New Playground in Glenfield Park on 12/19/2014
  Bid #  14-169 - $ 100,000.00 for Provide Repairs and Installations of Vehicle Lighting and Sirens on 12/10/2014
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Bid Tabulation
Bid Tabulation_Bid_15-001_Transportation_of_Electronic_Voting_Machines_01_06_2015_152403.pdf
Bid Tabulation_Bid_14-213_Healthcare_Services_for_Inmates_and_Detainees_at_ECCF_12_02_2014_114533.pdf
Bid Tabulation_Bid_14-224_Miniature_Golf_Course_Carpet_Replacement_at_SMRC_12_16_2014_115711.pdf
Bid Tabulation_Competitive Contract_14-219_Childrens_Interagency_Coordinating_Counsel_Program_11_25_2014_151816.pdf
Bid Tabulation_RFP_14-218_Provide_Printing_Services_for_Digitized_Poll_Books_11_25_2014_151735.pdf
Bid Tabulation_Bid_14-210_Newark_Access_Variable_Message_Signage_System_11_04_2014_114840.pdf
Bid Tabulation_RFP_14-215_To_Provide_Graphic_Arts_and_Design_Services_11_18_2014_113200.pdf
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